Former minor league baseball player J.D. Scholten, a Sioux Citian whose life is full of connections to western and central Iowa, is eager and charismatic and creative. We find Scholten to be more an open-minded listener than a Twitter maven or partisan provocateur.

Remember being in middle school, and at first, you didn’t like a fellow student — or think you would? Maybe you fought on the playground. Sniped in gym class. But as we all know, many friendships, or at least relationships of respect, develop this way.

Two of the more brilliant political strategies we’ve covered in the last decade were the handiwork of Republican Congressman David Young, one of Iowa’s more skilled legislators.

To the Editor, I heard Cindy Axne’s radio ad that said she spent childhood summers picking soybeans on her Grandparents farm in Warren County. I was raised on a farm

VOTE-it’s not just your fundamental right, it’s an opportunity. Look at it like this-have you always felt there should be term limits? There probably should be term limits for the

Editor, Concerning the upcoming election in 2018 and 2020, I have done something that I have never considered doing, I’m voting a strait party ticket. During the 2016 campaign I

Well, hasn’t this been a ‘mixed up weather-wise’ Fall! But nothing can take away our enthusiasm for the Christmas lights and displays in our city park which will be lit