When Breanna Parker graduated from Panorama High School in 2014 she didn’t believe humans were causing climate change. 

“I think it was because it is such a politicized topic,” Parker said. “I wasn’t aware it was something that is actually happening.”

Both the AC-GC and Panorama schools will have their school year extended four days thanks to winter weather which chose to fully arrive in late January. Snow caused cancellation of

Guthrie County Sheriff Marty Arganbright is happy with the county’s current plans to add space onto the county jail and the sheriff’s office, but said he’s frustrated that it has taken 10 years for the county to get to this point in the planning process.

From March 12, 2018 to December 12, 2018 the City of Panora issued 36 building permits to city residents including two for new homes, according to information supplied by city