A 26-year-old Toledo woman tried to wrestle her infant away from the child’s grandmother last month, punched the grandmother in the face and fled the house, leaving behind her two children, according to court records.

Angelia Mae McAtee is charged with child endangerment and assault. The more serious charge is punishable by up to two years in prison.

The grandmother went to her son’s house in the 100 block of Allen Street in Bayard on Oct. 29 to help tend her grandchildren. When she arrived late that morning, the house smelled of burnt marijuana, court records show.

The grandmother confronted McAtee — who is dating the son and is the biological mother of the children — about getting high around the children, which allegedly caused McAtee to scream and swear as she changed the infant’s diaper.

Later, as the grandmother held the infant, McAtee screamed at the grandmother and threw a bottle of pop at her, court records show. The bottle narrowly missed and hit a wall, spilling all over.

McAtee then tried to wrestle the infant away from the grandmother, and McAtee’s finger hit the infant in the nose. Then McAtee allegedly punched the grandmother in the face and left when the grandmother said she was calling 911 for help.

The grandmother took temporary custody of the children, and McAtee was arrested about two weeks later, court records show.