Letter to the editor


Concerning the upcoming election in 2018 and 2020, I have done something that I have never considered doing, I’m voting a strait party ticket. During the 2016 campaign I often smiled at candidate Trump’s rhetoric, thinking that there could not possibly be anyone that could not see through this “Con man’s” game. When he won the primary I was astonished, when he won the election I was depressed to say the least. Not that my pick had lost, but what would become of our country.

What’s equally disturbing to me is that people in his own party, who adamantly disliked him and his demeanor, are now bowing to him, I’m guessing out of fear of his retaliatory tactics. These people need to be replaced. If they stand by while he divides the country with his bullying, tweets and lies, they will be as guilty as he is when something terrible happens. Do Evangelist really think that he cares about whether women get abortions or not, does the NRA really think that he cares about their guns? He’s using you!!! All that he cares about is power and making money for Donald Trump.

It terrifies me to think that this man has his finger on a nuclear button. My voter’s registration card now reads “Democrat”.

Mike Navin

Menlo, Ia.