Guthrie County will spent some $125,000 to upgrade a bridge on a dead end dirt road to accommodate a man in moving his cows.

This was the message given the board of supervisors last Tuesday morning by county engineer Josh Sebern.

Located in Beaver Township, the stream is too large for the bridge to be replaced by a low water crossing, Sebern said. A new bridge would cost an estimated $400,000.

The cattle can’t be taken around the bridge, which is on Plum Avenue south of 280th Street, nor are there any connecting roads.

“That’s a lot of money for a bridge to nowhere,” said supervisor Tom Rutledge. Cliff Carney summed up the situation, “Sometimes you don’t have a choice.”

The bridge upgrade will be financed by Tax Increment Financing Funds, said Sebern.

Ironically, Sebern said a bridge was closed in Thompson Township because of little traffic.

Sebern reported the ice, snow and rain caused major grading problems and three International trucks have had to have motors rebuilt. Bids will be let in February for Monteith Road work.

Everett Grasty voted no to cancel the December 25 meeting, not because he wanted to meet Christmas Day, but he wanted to meet December 27 to hear a report on the proposed jail remodeling.

The board will next meet on Wednesday, Jan. 2 at 9:00 a.m. and also on Thursday, January 3. Through March it will convene on Thursday mornings.

Auditor Marci McClellan reported city and school board elections will

now be held jointly on the second Tuesday in November. There is a question on who stands the expense.

Presently schools and cities reimburse the county -- which conducts the elections --for the expenses. It has been suggested the county fund these two elections, something the local board does not support.

It was last meeting for Tom Rutledge who did not seek reelection. JD Kuster will fill the position starting January 2.