Ray “Bubba” Sorenson
Ray “Bubba” Sorenson

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s (ABI) political action committee (IIPAC) has designated Ray “Bubba” Sorensen, candidate for House District 20, as Friend of Iowa Business for the 2018 general election on November6.

“ABI is proud to endorse candidates who, like our organization, have placed Iowa’s workforce at the top of their priorities,” said ABI Board Chair David Bywater.

The nonpartisan IIPAC Board, comprised of IIPAC contributors, makes the Friend of Iowa Business selections. The board encourages voters to consider these endorsements when evaluating where candidates stand on business.

“My wife, Maria, and I have been raised by small business owners, so it’s no surprise that we have started and ran our own business for the past 10 years. I’m a friend of business because we are business,” Sorenson said.

Candidates are reevaluated on their support for a competitive business climate and their focus on a regulatory climate conducive for job creation. Criteria included positions on issues based on interviews, stated approach to general business community concerns, voting records of incumbent candidates and input from ABI members and IIPAC contributors.