Much of the short Panorama school board meeting Monday evening dealt with budget matters.

Superintendent Shawn Holloway went over the unspent balance report, projections for the fiscal year 2019 and handed out a sheet with property tax information.

Also emphasized was a new way of presenting the budget that includes showing previous year’s spending and variances. “We’re (he and business manager Dominique Bryant) not

presenting anything different,” he said, “just a new way of presenting information.”

Already one figure has jumped out. The electric bill from the city was up over 77 percent the first three months of the fiscal year as $22,700 has been paid. Holloway said he is

checking with city hall.

Holloway said the certified enrollment figure, which is due October 15, will be down about four students.

A public hearing was set for Monday, Nov. 12 at 6:30 on extending the Instructional Support Levy for five years. This is a surtax that produced $402,353 in spending authority for the fiscal 2018 year.

Mentoring - Four teachers explained the mentoring program for new teachers or those new to the school. Both first and second year teachers take part. It’s a way

to get connected to the school and offer support. The goal is to retain quality teachers. Even if a person is a veteran teacher, it was noted, every school district is different.


Middle-high school principal Thad Stanley reported the FastBridge assessment was given in grades 6-8. Results are used to determine those who need extra attention, grouping

of students and classroom strategies.

The Building Assistance Team (BAT) met for the first time. This includes Stanley, the guidance counselor, community liaison person, instructional coach and an AEA psychologist.

They determine what students need to be referred to them for needs ranging from academic to social.

Guidance counselor Chris Webner has completed special financial aid training and certification.

Liz Ratcliff, elementary principal, reported staff has been working hard to better understand standards and best teaching practices. Literacy and math scores have been analyzed with the help of AEA consultants.

Once a month teachers hold a Friday morning coffee with colleagues they don’t normally interact with and discuss topics and questions,

She expressed appreciation to all the elementary teachers.“Their plates are full with student’s academic needs as well as emotional needs, but they dive into new learning and ways to

increase student achievement.”

Board Action

Tami Kuta resigned as a paraeducator. Aly Dahlhauser was hired as a teacher leader. Three open enrollments out to AC-GC and two in from West Central Valley were approved.

An allowable growth and supplemental state aid total of $369,957 was approved due to a special education deficit.

The certified annual budget report for the Iowa Department of Education was approved. It lists funding in all areas.

The December meeting was changed to the first Monday, December 3, rather than the second Monday.


Forty-two accounts in the activity fund had a balance of $82,921 as of October 5. There were 10,420 lunches and 3,098 breakfasts served in September.