Unless a petition is received requesting a special election, the Panorama school board will appoint a person to fill a vacancy until the regular election November 5.

Jon Stetzel resigned from the board. He represented Director District No. 4, which is most of Panora. The exact boundaries of the district may be obtained from the board secretary’s office at the school.

A petition must be received by Friday, July 12 for a special election to take place. 

If no petition is received, the board is expected to name Stetzel’s successor at its July 15 meeting.

The person elected in November will have two years remaining on their term.

Starting this year, school board and city elections will be held the same day in November.

Unusual circumstances marked Stetzel’s initial election to the board. Shari Clark was first declared the winner in the 2013 school board election over Stetzel by one vote, 58-57. He asked for a recount. 

Many were shocked when the margin was reversed and Stetzel declared a 58-57 winner.

Later the county auditor’s office determined Clark lived just outside the No. 4 district, even though she had a Panora address.

Stetzel moved to Winterset to engage in the insurance business.