Thursday afternoon, during a light rain, two young men unloaded boxes, assembled and installed three colorful musical instruments just South of the library’s large windows.

The instruments are for every age and are pentatonic scale instruments.

They are designed for improvisational play to encourage learning music, rhythms and patterns in a way that allows success for every player.

They are also designed to be outdoors and can withstand all types of weather.

The instruments are Yantzee, and Duet (xylophone type instruments) and Tuned Drums. The percussion sounds on the drums are fun for all, the soprano/alto sounds of both the bright sounding aluminum keys and the wood like sounds of the fiberglass keys on the Duet add versatility.

All rounded out with the beautiful bass tones from the Yantzee.

The colorful and sculptural affect add interest and are an open invitation for multigenerational and interactive play. No wrong notes. Everyone can play. Be sure you encourage your family to check it out.

This installation was made possible by the generous estate gifts of Dorothy Parker and Jim and Jo McLuen. The library is more that just checking out books. Plans are now underway for the annual Summer Reading Program to be held every Friday in June. “A Universe of Stories.”