A variety of items were on the agenda at the Panora city council meeting last Tuesday.

For several years the city engaged in an extensive mandatory sidewalk repair and replacement program. A check showed only one property needs further repair.

There were no written or in-persons comments at a public hearing to amend the current budget prior to the fiscal year ending June 30.

As a requirement for receiving reimbursement from FEMA, the council approved policies relating to finance, procurement and violation reporting.

Mark Beinhoff is building a new home on 12 acres at 1019 East Clay Street and sought permission to drill a well to irrigate various plantings. It was fine with the council. He will continue to use city water for all other purposes.

Kari Sebern, Chris Hastings and Tina Thornberry were reappointed to the library board and Heather Thompson was named to the park and rec board to succeed Sebern, who resigned.

A Class B Beer, Sunday Sales and Outdoor Service permits were approved for PJ’s with a Class C Liquor License, Class C Beer Permit, Class B Wine Permit and Sunday Sales okayed for Casey’s General Store.

EMS director Joe Hupp reported the state through a federal grant will provide more Medicaid reimbursement to the EMS.

In her written report, city administrator Lisa Grossman reported upgrades at the community center are complete with new cabinets, lighting, counter top and faucet added. Changes on the city square are under consideration.

Grossman underwent her annual evaluation in closed session.

Gift To City: Grossman informed this newspaper that C. J. Melton of Guthrie Center, a member of the Iowa Army National Guard, presented a certificate and flag to the city in honor of Panora EMS and Police. She was deployed at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, where the flag was flown. Her mother, Krysty Kuehler-Melton, is employed by Panora EMS.