A consulting firm — The Samuels Group — told the Guthrie County Board of Supervisors last Tuesday the proposed new county jail has an estimated $8,092,437 price tag.

Earlier the architect — Shive Hattery — had placed costs at $6,775,000 for the project. 

Sid Samuels heads the consulting firm and presented comprehensive figures for construction and associated costs, such as fees. He estimated the general, electrical and plumbing bids would come in at $6,425,625. The main associated cost would be a $514,000 architect’s fee.

The costs projections came from drawings of the proposed jail provided by Shive Hattery, said Samuel. No representative was present from Shive Hattery to explain their cost projections.

The supervisors are expected to present the issue to the pubic in November.

Jail heating and cooling was discussed. County Facilities Manager Brandon Thompson said he did not favor geothermal heating and cooling, but a chiller-boiler system.

In other news, County Treasurer Marci Shreck presented three properties delinquent for back taxes and owned by the county. For one, sale of a lot at Diamondhead Lake for the $3,922 in back taxes was approved.

For another, Coon Valley Co-op Telephone Association is seeking to purchase two lots in Menlo on the delinquent tax rolls in order to build a storage and maintenance building. Some $24,000 is owed with about $2,000 due the county and $22,000 due Menlo. The latter figure also includes the costs assessed from removing a building on one of the properties. The board okayed assigning the property to the phone company contingent upon what the city of Menlo does.

The third property is a lot in Guthrie Center that became delinquent in 2009 and has some $73,000 assessed against it by the county and Guthrie Center. No decision was made. The feeling was to turn it over the city, which has been mowing the lot, as there’s little chance it will sell. The city also is owed for removing a building on the property. Supervisor Mike Dickson suggested the city turn it over to the school and have students construct a building on the site. 

Under a new policy, Schreck’s office will halt vehicle registrations on those who owe Guthrie Center for parking tickets until owners pay fines to the city. Previously, the county had been collecting the fines.

Also, the board passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of an additional $2,000,000 in general obligation bonds to be paid through Tax Increment Financing from the Wind Farm in Grant Township. The revenue is used primarily for roads.

A joint phone conference was held with the Greene County board of supervisors to set an assessment of $3,278 for landowners in a joint drainage district located in both counties. 

Several budget amendments were passed with a total of $1,010,320 added to the current budget, which ends June 30. The largest amount was some $600,000 for roads.