Brenna Bird was sworn in last week as the new Guthrie County Attorney, succeeding veteran Mary Benton, who retired. In introducing herself last Wednesday to the board of supervisors, she listed three things she hopes to accomplish. --start a collection program for defendants to pay off their debt to the county. --work closely with law enforcement to keep the county safe. --utilize technology to a great extent. Bird has been a lawyer for 18 years and

previously served as county attorney in Fremont County for two years. Born in Guthrie Center, she lives in the

southeast corner of the county near Dexter.

“I’m vert thankful to serve Guthrie County,” she told the supervisors.

The board did pass a resolution giving her part-time status, a formality so she can do legal work besides serving as county attorney. She assured board the latter was a full-time position to her

and any other legal work would be done on her own time.

“I work until I get the job done,” is her philosophy.

Her office has two full-time employees and one part-time, She is not requesting additional staff. Assistant county attorney Tim Benton, Mary’s husband, will stay on for a few months during the transition.

Bird is a Republican. Benton was a Democrat. This leaves Sheriff Marty Arganbright as the only Democrat officeholder occupying the courthouse.