Impressed with Varley
As a voter in Iowa House District 20 and a resident of Perry, I have been impressed with the amount of time Warren Varley spends in our town, even though it is in the farther region of the district. He is certainly committed to hearing the concerns of his constituents. His belief in protecting funding for our public education systems (local and at the university level), support for collective bargaining and commitment to rural development align with my beliefs.  He appreciates the value of the military and veterans benefits; his son is currently serving overseas.
I watched with interest the candidate forum sponsored by the Warren County Cultural Center in Greenfield, which was posted on the Varley for Iowa website.  It was apparent he had thorough knowledge of the issues, speaking directly to the question and going beyond the talking points of his party.  
While I can appreciate his opponent’s talents as an artist and certainly commend anyone who can make a living with their artistic skills, I want a Representative who is well versed on the issues, committed to work in a bi-partisan, respectful manner and works hard to communicate with the people in his district.  I encourage you to support Warren Varley for Iowa House District 20- a man of great integrity and knowledge in his work as a farmer, attorney and community leader.
Monica Peitz, Perry

Varley for District 20

To the Editor: This season of political campaigns seemed to be no different than previous ones. Or at least that’s what I thought until I met Warren Varley who is running to represent Iowa House District 20. Warren impressed me as a candidate who is sincere about representing the district and its residents to the very best of his ability. His knowledge of the issues and experience as a farmer, attorney and small business owner make him uniquely qualified to be in the Iowa House. We need a representative who will work for the people and not blindly follow the party line. We need legislators of both parties working together for a better Iowa and not out-of-state think tanks foisting their damaging legislative agendas on Iowans. I am casting my vote for Warren Varley and a better Iowa. I hope you are too!

Tom Burkgren, DVM, Perry


Varley a better choice for 20

Setting party and policy aside, past behavior predicts future behavior and recent past behavior is an even stronger predictor of future behavior. Ray “Bubba” Sorensen, running for Iowa House District 20, endorses himself as the common sense, hardworking, ready to lead candidate.

Common sense. We live in a time of complex problems with no easy solutions—healthcare, education, immigration, social justice and more. Complex problems cannot be solved with common sense alone. Candidates must be intellectually curious, informed, and know how to seek out credible experts.

Bubba has proclaimed to his audiences that any one of us could do the job. No. Representing Iowans requires critical competencies. If you don’t possess those skills and make no effort to develop them—then you are not fit for the challenge of representing Iowans regardless of party letter next to your name.

Hardworking. Warren Varley has been in Perry multiple times—both speaking at and attending events to learn about us, our issues and our town.

Bubba was a no show at the candidate forum sponsored by He did find time to appear at the McCreary Center in Perry on October 3rd. Interacting with the Perry community and learning about our issues and concerns? When? His campaign efforts in Perry seem minimal. I hope he’s made stronger efforts in your community.

Ready to lead. Bubba has self-proclaimed that he is not up on all the issues. It’s hard to lead when you’re uninformed. 

Don’t tell me that when you’re in office you’ll read the legislation placed before you. What indications do I have that once elected you’ll become a dedicated student of the issues? None.

I directly asked Bubba a question about qualifications only to be told that I was focusing too much on qualifications. I guess if your qualifications are lacking, then qualifications need to be unimportant.

Past behavior predicts future behavior. Campaign behavior predicts behavior in office.

Vote Warren Varley for Iowa House District 20 on November 6th. Informed, immersed in our communities, hardworking, and demonstrating leadership today.

Laura Stebbins, Perry

Already voted Varley

Warren Varley is running to be our representative to Iowa House District 20. He is not a newcomer to public service. His community work has spanned decades. Warren grew up on a farm near Stuart in a family that valued the importance of education, and the traditions of public service and hard work. All are core values on which he has built his life. 

Warren studied agronomy at Iowa State, and while there, he met his future wife Karen,  also an agronomy student.  Karen and Warren both graduated with high honors from Iowa State and then headed east to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, a school renowned for both its law and agriculture schools, Warren earning a law degree and Karen an MS in plant genetics. After graduate school, Warren and Karen chose to return to Stuart to raise their four children. Later Karen also earned a law degree at Drake. Now their children are grown and educated, and Warren and Karen farm together and practice law together. 

Warren has built his leadership through hard work, study of the issues at hand, and collaboration with his friends and neighbors. Through that hard work, collaboration, and study, Warren’s leadership has emerged.

Warren was first elected to public office as a trustee for Adair County Memorial Hospital. This experience helped him to gain a deeper understanding of health care in rural Iowa. He knows rural hospitals are critical to individual and public health and are drivers of economic development in rural Iowa.  He appreciates the financial struggles rural hospitals face as they work to meet community needs. Warren believes it is imperative that health care be affordable, effective and accessible and that the legislature has a part in making that possible. He’s disgusted by the Legislature’s action last session to allow policies to be sold in Iowa that don’t cover preexisting conditions. He knows that privatized Medicaid is not working and must be reconsidered. Warren Varley has given his time and energy to learn about health care and work to make it as effective as possible locally, as he served on the board of our local hospital. 

Warren is past president of Midwest Partnership Economic Development. He knows that flourishing communities offer high-wage jobs, effective schools, a high quality of life, and other opportunities that must be addressed. He explains that the urban location of companies like Apple are glitzy and exciting and bring big names to town,  but in the end provide few jobs in exchange for significant tax dollars. Warren believes a hand up to rural Iowa yields far bigger results than the tax give-aways  touted as economic development in our current administration.  Warren and the economic development group in his hometown point to concrete accomplishments, including their substantial new housing development offering families safe, affordable and livable housing in Stuart. Warren Varley is experienced and knowledgeable about the multiple facets of rural economic development through his work as chair of the this important economic development group. 

Warren Varley is committed to education, both preK-12 and higher education, including community colleges and our Regents’ institutions.  All have been underfunded for the last decade, especially egregious as the Legislature and Governor gave fat tax cuts to big corporations and the richest among us. He knows that the more education citizens have, the more they contribute to their communities, the healthier they are, and the happier they are.  Without an effective and well-funded educational system, high-wage businesses will not come to Iowa and the quality of life in Iowa will diminish. Currently, Iowa cannot fill existing skilled jobs. This low investment in education is already having a severe impact on business development and certainly on the quality of life in Iowa. Warren is committed to adequate funding for Iowa education Pre-K through higher education, knowing it’s a ticket to a brighter Iowa future.

Warren Varley knows the issues facing rural Iowa because of decades of service and engagement in local groups working to address community needs. He is a leader in word and deed. He has always worked with everyone –  anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and get busy finds a friend in Warren. He is a problem solver. He listens. He thinks independently. He has enough knowledge of governance and public policy to weigh the many facets of hard decisions and make a reasoned choice. He has earned his leadership credentials through community development, knowledge of the issues, and hard work.  He is a leader. He doesn’t just talk about it. The person we elect will decide with his votes and his voice if rural Iowa will be left behind or if rural Iowa will be a vibrant and important part of Iowa.  We have already voted for Warren for HD 20.  We hope you will join us by casting your ballot for Warren Varley on November 6 or before.

Willard and Susan Olesen, Greenfield