If you are in high school you might understand the thought of being scared of what you are doing after high school. It’s hard thinking about your life when there are so many things to do after school. At Panorama, many colleges come to talk about what programs they have to offer. College is very important to think about in high school to get an idea of what you want to do.

In a college visit, they tell you about opportunities, tuition costs, what it's like at the campus, and tell you why they want you to attend that university. If you are good at sports or are good with academics, scouts might offer you a scholarship. It can also be helpful to visit college campuses you might be interested in attending. Once you are on-site, you can get the feel of what life would be like if you choose that college or university.

You can choose to attend a two-year and obtain your Associate’s degree or a four-year school to obtain your Bachelor’s degree. You can also choose an apprenticeship or the military. Whatever your choice, weigh all your options and choose wisely.