Guthrie County Emergency Management Director Robert Kempf is warning residents here to watch the Middle and South Raccoon Rivers after a large ice jam formed south of Redfield. 

"The most affected area is down southeast," Kempf said. "The odds of it getting as far north as Guthrie Center and Panora are very doubtful. The odds are the ice jam will have enough pressure it will break before then."

Kempf was on the road just after noon Wednesday, and said he's trying to find out where the ice jam that starts near Redfield ends. 

He said he was north of Diamond Head Lake and the ice jam was still going there.

"It's a very extensive ice jam and with all the water we're getting with the snow melt and rain, it's going to make the South Raccoon River rise," Kempf said. 

He wants the public to be aware of the situation, but said most of the rivers in Guthrie County are still in their banks. 

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Middle Raccoon south of Panora was still down five or six feet, but Kempf said "that could last four to five hours, then it might be full. " 

"The last I knew at Redfield it was coming up a foot to a foot-and-a-half every hour," Kempf said. "At this point I just want people to know they need to be watching because with the amount of rain we expect this afternoon it could rise."
For now, Kempf said the only land he's concerned about in Guthrie County is farmland. 

*This story will be updated as more information becomes available.