Senator Chuck Grassley said he expects the United States to reach a trade deal with China in a couple of weeks and that Chinese President Xi Jinping will likely visit the U.S. in June, however he said he believes Xi is hesitant to deal with Donald Trump.

“He’s fearful Trump will embarrass him by walking away from the table like he did with Kim Jong Un on North Korea,” Grassley said. “And the president did the right thing by doing that as far as I’m concerned because we weren’t getting anything for what they were negotiating at that time. We weren’t getting the denuclearization that we want.” 

Grassley told a group gathered in Panora Monday afternoon that the trade deal will include both the United States and China setting up offices of enforcement. Then, he said, if the two countries can’t resolve disputes through negotiations through those offices the countries will put tariffs on each other’s products.

“It’s about getting to a point where you’re actually sitting down with them and discussing what’s wrong,” Grassley said. 

The senator said while China’s buying soybeans and corn again, the dealing isn’t done because “what we want is structural change in China so they don’t steal our intellectual property anymore.”

Grassley said he’d like to be able to do business with China without “committing to giving them your technology.”

The most senior Republican in the Senate later defended Trump when he was asked about building a wall along the U.S./Mexico border, although he stated “it won’t be 2,000 miles of wall.”

He said he doesn’t understand how building a wall became so politicized because both Republican and Democrat members of congress and three presidents have already voted to build 654 miles of wall. 

Grassley wasn’t sure how many more miles of wall should be built, but said it will be at least another 255.

The wall, Grassley said, is just part of the answer to protecting the U.S. border. 

“You have to have more interior enforcement,” Grassley said. “Another thing you have to do is some sort of either finger print or iris scan of the eye. You have to have some digital way of telling when people come in are they going to go out.”

He said half of the “undocumented” people in the United States come here through airports.

“We aren’t following up on that like we should,” Grassley said. 

He also said he doesn’t like that the Republican Party is accused of being anit-immigration.

“Don’t forget there’s a millin people coming here every year legally,” Grassley said.