VOTE-it’s not just your fundamental right, it’s an opportunity. Look at it like this-have

you always felt there should be term limits? There probably should be term limits for the office of the governor and members of congress, but only you have the opportunity to make changes. Don’t wake up on November 7th and say, I should have voted. This will only happen with the power of your vote. If you are tired of hearing the same old thing, fire them! If you want to give somebody new a chance, hire them.

You can make voting and selecting your candidates easy. First, remember this is the general election. You can vote for anyone on your ballot, regardless of party. Please don’t believe everything you see in a political ad or on TV. Check out the facts. Research your candidates background and positions, as well as their voting record if an incumbent. Today’s technology makes this simple. If their ideas, positions, voting records (again if an incumbent), align with you, vote for them.

I know what my priorities and values are. I know which of the candidates I will be voting for. I am not voting a straight party ticket.

Also, a note to those that are a part of the education family. By this I mean teachers, teacher’s families, administration, bus drivers, custodians, cooks, etc. You are one of the most powerful voting blocks in your county, legislative district, and state. I hope you remember how you were treated by the Iowa Legislative majority party two years ago. As teachers and administrators, you put a lot into your own education and career. You put educating our young people first, but it is OK to want to be paid fairly, have good benefits, and a fair retirement. They took the right to collectively bargain a fair contract away from you, and away from other public workers. Don’t forget. Support those that support you. The Iowa Legislature has also failed in the past to fully fund K-12 education and cut university budgets. Taxes that we pay to support our public schools should not be used to fund private schools.

Now get out there and vote either by early voting, absentee voting, or in person on November 6th.

Steve Brannan