On Tuesday, October 9, FCS students from AC/GC High School were excused from half of the school day to attend a field trip. A total of 45 students from four classes got to go to Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson, Iowa and take a tour around the facility. The students learned some of what it takes to run the orchard and how some of the goods at the facility are made. The students then got to take the time to purchase some products for themselves.

When asked what her favorite part of the field trip was, student Alyssa Crawley stated, “Trying the apple cider samples.”

When asked what she thinks the students took away from the trip, FCS teacher Cathy Lange responded, “I think they realized how to have a successful business and also where their food comes from.”

“I think they got an inside look on how the apple orchard was run,” FCS teacher Michele Field said.