Local 18-year-old uses birthday to help raise items for food pantry

Guthrie Center’s Faith Hockenberry made it a point to put her community before herself on her birthday. The now 18-year-old decided to collect 1,800 items for the New Opportunity Food Pantry in Guthrie Center. She collected the goods through her birthday on October 29, and dropped of dozens of boxes at the pantry Tuesday. Faith said she decided to collect for the food pantry because it’ll give people who don’t have much food something to put in their cabinets. Plus, she said, being able to help out her community makes her feel “happy.” Faith’s dad, Howie, said he and his wife have lived in Guthrie Center for a long time and have raised kids in town. “We just look at it as a blessing to live in a small community where people should take care of eachother,” Howie said. “We’ve seen that a lot in all of the year’s we’ve lived here – the community has backed us 100 percent.” He said the businesses and people who donated to Faith’s collection should get credit for helpling out. Rhonda Huggins, Guthrie County’s Family Development Center Coordinator, said everybody in the county is always helping out and it’s “beyond amazing. “This means a lot,” Huggins said. “This time of year we’ve got a lot of people coming in. It’s winter, it’s cold and people are hungry.” She said it’s always important to keep the food pantry stocked, but it’s even more important in the winter time.