On Saturday October 20th from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Firefly Creek Ranch will be hosting their 2nd Annual Take & Bake Event. Friends with empty baking dishes will be coming together to create Apple Pies and Desserts to take home to bake in their own ovens. Firefly Creek Ranch has a Jonathan Apple Tree that continues to bear amazing fruit!

“We love finding new ways to connect with the community and make new friendships”, says Brenda Rose, Founder of Firefly Creek Ranch. Together with Toni Wright of Panora, and their amazing team, they love hosting this annual event.

“We have such an amazing resource of fresh fruit and vegetables in our Community Garden that we are hoping to share wherever there is a need. This Saturday we will be making extra for our friends at the Bagley Library Bus stop. Jeannie Solorzano, and her resourceful team at The Bagley Library find creative ways to feed about 40 After Schoolers a (usually) nutritious snack each day after school. These are the kinds of things we can help support in our community, and we are looking to help where there are other needs that exist”.

As a Non-Profit organization, Firefly Creek Ranch continues to find new ways to connect with the needs of the community. After taking occupancy of the old County Home in December of 2016, they have been creatively finding ways to re-purpose and bring new life back to the abandoned property. “Together as a team we are also bringing our resources and creative skills together to develop Simple, Affordable, Rooms for Rent, and will be ready to announce availability in the near future.” We currently provide housing for one family that came to us in need. This amazing family lives onsite and has helped us to tackle many of the things that needed handyman repairs and daily attention around the farm. Without them we our progress would have been delayed another season.

We had an eventful Summer hosting a few events during fair weather that confirmed that what we are doing together is making a difference in the lives we are touching, and that we are on the right track. However, the fair weather is giving way to Fall and the ranch is going through a change of seasons .

We are grateful to the Guthrie Community Foundation for their support in helping us to restore our boilers through a grant that has helped us to make many needed first stage repairs. We are now at the next stage and need to complete the good work we have started. Together we have overcome many hurdles in the process. We believe that together we are creating something meaningful that will continue to give back to the community at many levels.

With the need for Winter heat in our building we will be hosting a GoFund Me page to help us get our boiler heat back on in all areas of our building. This is critical in being able to provide for more individuals and small families that may have a need for simple affordable housing. Many people find that their needs are simple and are “Right Sizing” their lives. What we have to share is simply the right fit for many folks who are finding new ways to stretch their budget.

We anticipate these boiler repairs will be completed within the next few weeks. As soon as our boiler heat is fully restored, we will be again accepting reservations for 7 Affordable Overnight Bed & Breakfast Rooms, with Handicap accessibility. We also are excited about our Activity Rooms, and a beautiful commercial kitchen, perfect for hosting baking events. Families coming in for the holidays now have another option.

Outdoors we can offer Limited Boat Storage Rental spaces. We have a few spaces still available in the Quonset hut. “We are trying to find ways to be resourceful and use what we have been given to create a place that sustains itself as much as possible. We are also grateful for the many contributions of the community as we continue to grow and find where the real needs exist. We have been given many well loved home furnishings to develop our overnight rooms, and have a few extra pieces to share with others in the community that may have a need. We also utilize funds raised through contributions for special developments, like getting the boilers working again, and restoring the heat before more cold weather sets in.

“It has been one step at a time, every step of the way, and I am proud that together as a team we have been able to create a place of meaning and purpose that everyone in our community can enjoy”. Ongoing interesting events are posted on our Facebook page and the Panora- Guthrie Events page.

For more information please reach out to Brenda Rose at 515-554-5489.