With the end of the fiscal year looming on June 30, county department heads are finding their budgets need to be amended, as projections don’t meet reality.

The changes range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Last Tuesday four more department heads appeared before the Guthrie County board of supervisors to present their case. Budget amendments are subject to public hearings which will be scheduled at a later date.

County recorder Tristen Richard needed only a $3,000 adjustment due to technology and salary matters. She also requested approval to shift $4,000 within her office budget.

On the other hand, county engineer Josh requested $600,000 be added to the roads department budget, mainly due to a large gravel purchase ($475,000). Money will come out his reserve funds. “History shows I don’t spend every penny (out of my budgets),” said Sebern. He’s also increasing the income from Tax Increment Financing (TIF) from $1.1 million to $1.5 million.”

For Sheriff Marty Arganbright the amount is $108,000, primarily for housing prisoners and Shive Hattery architectural fees for the proposed new jail. “I won’t spend any excessive money at the end of the year,” he promised. He reported deer are “out big time night and day” and individuals deliberately tearing up soft county roads will be charged with criminal mischief if caught.

He gave a brief rundown on the seven reserves who work 10 hours a month. They earn enough to pay for their own equipment and also own the three older patrol cars they drive. Gary Freeland and Randy Rogers do active patrol work.

Besides working events, the reserves help out at elections and conduct the undercover age checks for purchases of alcohol and tobacco at businesses.

Arganbright said based on advice he’s receiving, he continues to tweak the jail plans.

County attorney Brenna Bird asked for $58,750 more in the district court budget, mainly for increased costs in the detention and shelter of juveniles. Plus she sought $15,650 for her own office, which she assumed in January with part of the increase going for new technology.

In other matters:

Jotham Arber, director of public and environmental health, presented a new copier lease agreement that will save $104 a month compared to the present pact.

Human Resources director Pam Lane presented the job description for her office. She noted as the only person in the office, substantial background training and experience is needed.

As to her first few weeks on the job, “Everyone has been very receptive,” she said.

Kelly Campbell with the U,S. Census Bureau sought supervisor support to form a “Complete Count Committee” to promote the 2020 Census. He pointed out every person needs to be counted as government aid is based on population.