10 Squared Women of Guthrie County held their quarterly meeting at the Lake Panorama Conference Center on Thursday, February 21st and once all the checks had been collected from members and company matches, a lump sum of $10,400 was presented to Tori’s Angels Foundation. A few more checks from 10 Squared Women members are expected to trickle in as well.

Tori’s Angels Foundation is a non-profit corporation that supports families of children accepted for assistance who have life-threatening medical conditions. Tori’s Angels pays all medical expenses not covered by insurance from the date of sponsorship until the child’s 19th birthday. Medical expenses include travel expenses incurred to reach treatment such as airfare, mileage, hotel, and meals, as well as prescriptions, medical co-pays and deductibles. The foundation has accepted 48 sponsored children since its organization in 2011 and now actively supports 38 children. 100% of the donations from the 10 Squared Women of Guthrie County will support the foundation’s seven sponsored children living in Guthrie County: Tori Heck-man, Emma Reinhart, Emma King, Morgan Sheeder, Emma Dahl, Finley Jesko, and Grace Webner. All donations made to Tori’s Angels Foundation go toward payment of the medical expenses of sponsored children. All administrative expenses of the foundation are paid by one or more of the foundation’s directors, or has a sponsor. The foundation relies upon the generosity of community “angels” to help relieve the financial burden for these families.

Tori’s Angels chairman, Bill Ridgley, commented“We feel so very blessed to have been selected as the recipient of the 10 Squared Women of Guthrie County donation.

We are continually amazed at the generosity of our communities. Our board as well as the supported children thank you.”

One of the Foundation’s sponsored families recently shared “Tori’s Angels Foundation has been such a blessing to our family! With their help and support we were able to focus 100% of our love and time to our child as he underwent all of his treatments, all while having no worries as to how we would pay for the rising costs of being away from home! Their selfless love is like no other we have ever experienced! Our family will forever be grateful and thankful for all they have done and continue to do.”

Anyone wishing to help Tori’s Angels children is invited to send donations to the foundation’s chairman, Bill Ridgley, at 4677 Panorama Dr, Panora IA 50216. An online donation option is located on the foundation’s website, www.torisangels.org, and on their Facebook page, www.facebook/torisangels. Supporters can “Like” the Tori’s Angels Facebook page to receive regular updates on the children. For more information aboutTori’s Angels or to request an application for support, contact the foundation’s chairman, Bill Ridgley, at bridgley@netins.net or 712-249-6423.

The 10 Squared Women group has vowed to only nominate and donate funds to local organizations and groups who also vow to keep those dollars working right in our back yards, for Guthrie County projects and residents. “This group can benefit any Guthrie County organization, not just those located in Guthrie Center and Panora, so we want to invite anyone who has the desire and the means to be a part of this group to come check us out” said Kristen Crouthamel, co-organizer. “As with all of our meetings, the three organizations chosen at random to present this quarter (Tori’s Angels, Guthrie Activity Center, and St. Thomas Moore Center) were very worthy causes” said Crouthamel. All of the organizations the 10 Squared Women have donated to since forming in January in 2017 serve residents across the county in Adair, Stuart, Bagley, Bayard, Yale, Jamaica, Panora, Guthrie Center and others. Tori’s Angels was nominated by member Julie Dent-Zajicek, and each member can have one nomination “in the hat” at any one time. The group currently has over 20 nominations “in the hat” and since inception, the group has donated over $99,350 to various organizations and projects within Guthrie County.

Meetings are held the third Thursday in February, May, August and November. The next quarterly 10 Squared Women meeting will be Thursday, May 16th at the Lake Panorama National Conference Center at 6pm with an appetizer buffet served at 5:30 ($10/includescoffee/tea/lemonade). Members are encouraged to bring an interested friend or family member to the meetings and to share the group within their social circles. The 10 Squared Women of Guthrie County are currently at 100 members (gaining four new members at last week’s meeting!), however, the 2019 goal is to increase that number to 125 members. Members are not required to attend meetings, however, in order for their vote to count, must be in attendance at the meeting. All members are expected to write their donation checks whether they can attend the meeting and vote or not.

The group is still accepting new members and for more information, you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/10squaredwomengc, or email them at 10squaredgc@gmail.com. Membership Forms and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on their Facebook page or by contacting them through Facebook or email.